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PACT are partnering with Upside Youth Mentoring to provide community mentoring. Upside's purpose is to support young people in Aotearoa to feel a little brighter and more loved than they did yesterday. We know a positive adult role model will benefit many of the rangatahi we work with within our local schools. If you are in South Auckland and want to join a network of mentors across the country helping to change a young person’s life we would love to hear from you.



A young person, 9-13 years old, is referred from principals, counsellors, psychologists & social workers who believe a positive role model is what this young person needs to help navigate their current challenges.



An Upside Mentoring Coordinator then visits the young person and their whānau at home to get to know them, and what they need, better to begin finding the ideal match for all involved.


Weekly Hangs

Once a volunteer mentor has been vetted and trained they become a 'paper' match until they meet with their young person, to pass the 'vibe check'. From there, mentors will spend time together every week building a positive connection.

Mentoring is about showing up and caring, about bringing consistency and positivity to a young person’s life!

Upside is about connectivity — one-on-one quality time spent with someone who cares. That unique mentor relationship has a massive impact on the young people and their caregivers — there really is an Upside for everybody involved!

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