Neda has been part of the PACT Team since 2007 and has been the Director since Jan 2016.  She is married to James and together they have a lively 2.5 year old; Tawhai. She gets to be where she is today because people stood in the gap for her and her heart is to do the same for others.


Glenn has been a part of PACT for more than 20 years.  He and his family have served PACT and the community for many years and we couldn't be more grateful.  He is married to Diane and they have two children; Laura and James.  PACT wouldn't be the same without Glenn.


Phil is our gentle giant.  He is involved in our High School ministries and does an awesome job.  He is married to Jasper and they have two little girls, Janice and Ahavah.  Phil sees a lot of himself in the youth he works with and sees it as a privilege to support them and be a part of their lives.


Mark is a breath of fresh air.  His humility, honesty and desire to grow and help others do the same is inspirational.  When he has spare time he trains as a boxer, raps and makes music.


Kelli came onboard as staff in 2018.  Currently she is involved in mentoring high school aged students and organises our school leavers programme designed to help school leavers transition well into their next phase of life.  She is passionate about helping young adults do life well and being a support for those who need it.  On top of this she is raising 4 awesome children along side her husband Stephen.  They are a great addition to the PACT Team.


Meg has recently joined the team to help develop our programmes for Intermediate aged students.  She is involved in our after school mentoring for Girls and mentoring for Primary aged students.  She has a huge heart for young people and wants to be the kind of person that she needed when she was younger.  We are stoked she is working with us to achieve her goals in the community.


Sean is the newest member to join the team.  He has been a volunteer at a number of PACT programmes over a number of years.  It's great to have him on board in an official role. He will be working with primary aged young people both in and out of school.


Yvette keeps PACT in order and we are very lucky to have her.  She has three boys, a daughter in-law and a grand daughter who was welcomed into the world last year.  She has a heart to help people and is great at it too.


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