Our Team

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Sarah Durham

Sarah first started working with youth in Papatoetoe over 20 years ago. Her work experience also includes over 20 years in marketing roles and more recently her and her family (husband Sanjet and 3 teenage boys) spent over three years volunteering in a children's village in South Africa. She is passionate about PACT and the people they work with.


Glenn Tabor

Glenn is our Senior Community Worker which means he predominantly works with families and individuals. He oversees our financial mentoring and budgeting services, as well as our parenting / family services. He is and has been a consistent and stabilising factor for many families and people over the years.


Kelli Bennett

Kelli has been on staff since 2018. She She is involved in our high school mentoring services and oversees our school leavers support programme. She is passionate about helping young adults do life well and giving them the support they need to do that.


Jasmine Holmes

Jasmine works with a diverse group of our young people including primary aged youth, the special needs unit at Papatoetoe High School and with some of the older girls. She is a talented musician and singer and loves to use gifts in a way to input positively into young people's lives.


Meg Lloyd

Meg is involved in our after school mentoring for girls and mentoring services for primary aged youth. She has a huge heart for young people and wants to be the kind of person she needed when she was younger.


Sean Redfearn

Sean has grown up in and around PACT circles. As a young person he attended some programmes, as a teenager he volunteered and now he is on staff. He is part of our primary aged mentoring and some of our primary aged out of school services.


David Palamo

David works with some of our high school students. He has a strong passion for working with youth. He can connect well with a range of age groups and is looking forward to building a culture where young people will strive to excel in all areas of their life.


Ivory Tapara

Ivory is currently studying to be a teacher. She is all about bringing out the best in our young people. She looks after our facilities and keeps everything in order at PACT.


The Board of Trustees

Bob McCoskrie - Chairperson
Allan Oliver
Christine Knock
Michelle Peilua
Dorothy Grant
Steve McRobie

Lloyd Weldschidt