Fresh Salad

Community Dinner

Every Wednesday night during the school terms. 6pm - 7pm, Free dinner and dessert. Based at the PACT Building. All welcome.

PACT Family Programme

PACT Family Programme - A programme for families.  This is an opportunity to learn skills to function better together.  This is a 5 week programme that encourages families both to work together and to meet other families with similar aged children.  It helps connect teenagers with their parents or caregivers to help create a positive home environment.

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CAP Money Course

3 week course to help you manage your money, so you budget, save and spend well. Based at the PACT Building. No cost.

Credit Assessment

Get Ahead Financial Mentoring

On-going practical advice and money management skills for Families and Individuals looking to get ahead.

In-School Mentoring and Life Skills Programmes

We currently work in 7 local schools facilitating Mentoring or Life Skills groups.  These groups are for students who need a little extra support at school.  Please contact us for more information.

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