Parenting Resources

PACT has an extensive library of parenting books, videos, and helpsheets which are made available for no cost. If you have run out of ideas as a parent, these resources can help motivate and encourage you.

Community Dinner

In association with the South Auckland Christian Feedback we have a weekly Community Dinner on Wednesday nights that anyone from the community is welcome to attend – for free! Families may also receive food parcels and budgeting support.

Parenting Courses

The PACT Family Programme is run each term, and brings parents and teenagers together to learn with one another steps to making their family environment the best for all in the family. This course has been very well received in the past couple of years.

Family Support

Support, counseling, food parcels, budgeting advice and resources for families in stress.

Destination Wholeness

PACT has access to counseling services for adolescents, youth, families and marriages etc. Staff are fully qualified and the counseling service is based on client centered practice.